Mortgage Broker Branch Opportunity

What is a Mortgage Broker Branch - Is This The Right Fit For You - The Sea View Mortgage Offer - More Information
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What is a Mortgage Broker Branch? Why a Mortgage Broker Branch Opportunity?

A mortgage broker branch is an independent office of a mortgage company.  Sea View Mortgage would like to offer loan officers/managers with an exciting opportunity to run their own mortgage office.  Under the Sea View Mortgage umbrella you can maximize your profits  while we assist with streamlining operations and office procedures.

Branch Managers will be responsible for their team's supervision, production, and expenses: building their team with Sea View Mortgage's Branch Express Program.  We will assist in initial office set up, procedures, and best practices: providing new teams with guidance and freeing managers up so they can concentrate on originating and building their team!


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Is This The Right Fit For You?

Are you a producing loan officer ready to increase your potential for sales and earnings?  Are you feeling underappreciated by your current employer?  Have you ever thought about starting your own mortgage company but you don't want to be bothered with legal issues, high costs, liabilities, and paperwork?  Then a Mortgage Broker Branch Opportunity may be the right move for you!

What we look for: Ambitious & eager loan officers/managers with the ability to prove monthly production that would support a Mortgage Branch.
Current availability: We have Mortgage Branch Opportunities in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, & Florida.

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The Sea View Mortgage Offer:

As the parent company, Sea View Mortgage will provide new mortgage branches an easy set up with streamlined operations and procedures.

Ongoing Support:
Our goal is to make this an easy transition for you and your team:

- Help in setting up a new office - 
- We will negotiate and sign all leases -
- Team training in processing and lender set up -
- Loan officer mentorship -
- Payroll and accounting -
- Onboarding and recruiting help -
- Licensing and marketing help -
- Handling all legal requirements -
- Providing all the technology tools needed to succeed -
- Important insight into the types of loans available and originating tips -
- Making sure you have the best & latest products available to you -

Freedom & Security:
Branch managers will have the freedom to form their own teams.  
You can build your branch while under the protection of Sea View Mortgage

Commission & Compensation:
Sea View will offer a Branch Manager Agreement which will spell out commissions, salary, terms, and conditions.

Your Responsibilities:

"WHEN I BUILT SEA VIEW MORTGAGE THE GOAL WAS TO CREATE A DYNAMIC SALES CULTURE, ONE WHERE SALES PEOPLE COULD FOCUS ON SALES!  Growing our Business with a Mortgage Branch Model allows us to continue that culture by partnering with some truly talented People.

- Philip Wallace, President of Sea View Mortgage -
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More Information
If you are interested in joining Sea View Mortgage as a Mortgage Broker Branch Manager or are interested in a Mortgage Branch Opportunity reach out today for more information: